B+N’s gamechanger innovations at the Congress of the Hungarian Hospital Association

B+N Referencia Zrt. presented several of its breakthrough technology innovations aiming to revolutionise hygiene in hospitals. The company’s solutions can drastically improve the safety of patients and healthcare professionals in the near future.  

Breakthrough in the fight against hospital-acquired infections

At the conference, Péter Zalka, Head of the R&D Department of the company presented the latest revolutionary innovation of the company for the first time. The autonomous robot that uses unique optics and UV-C irradiation to disinfect various surfaces is to be deployed in the near future. The device can be used in any hospital environment. It is important to point out that the equipment significantly improves the efficiency of disinfection by the reduction of the shadow effect, the optimization of exposure time and setting the right distance. The robot is able to identify surfaces that have not been properly disinfected. As a result, it can be perfectly integrated into the cleaning and disinfection routine of the institution.

B+N Referencia Zrt.

A world novelty in identifying hospital pathogens

B+N is the first in the world to introduce a metagenomic analysis and forecast system that identifies the different pathogens by analysing the samplings collected on various surfaces throughout the cleaning process.

It makes the quick detection of pathogen colonies possible, thus preventing a potential epidemic. The analysis of the data acquired this way enables professionals to tune the cleaning and disinfection processes accordingly. This can be attained with the help of the aforementioned UV disinfection robot or by changing the type or concentration of disinfectants.

“We are convinced that this unique invention will radically lower the risk of infections at hospitals and increase the safety of patients” – said Dr. Ágnes Ősz, Senior Research Fellow at B+N Referencia Zrt. in the summary of her lecture delivered at the event of the Hungarian Hospital Association.

Transparent and economical textile services

A subsidiary of B+N Referencia Zrt., Referencia Mosodák Zrt. presented another unique solution at the congress. The RFID technology introduced by CEO Tamás Varga monitors and supports the entire cleaning process of hospital textiles. The identification elements integrated into the materials make the circulation of textiles transparent and promote a clear settlement of accounts between the hospital and the laundry. With its help, healthcare institutions can save a considerable amount of time and cost and obtain predictable, high-quality services.

All the three technological innovations of B+N Referencia facilitate safer hospital services and thus the recovery of patients.


Photo: korhazszovetseg.hu


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