B+N Zrt. – Csaba Szij in the Board of the Hungarian Facility Management Association

The Hungarian National Association of Facility Management and Building Management Service Providers (LEO) held its general meeting in mid-February. The renewal assembly of the FM Association elected a new president and chairmanship into which Csaba Szij, Deputy CEO of B+N Referencia Zrt. was also elected.

B+N Referencia Zrt. has been a member of the National Association of Facility Management and Building Management Service Providers (LEO) for years, helping and supporting the professional development, promotion and recognition of the industry.

The new chairmanship

László Vágó, CEO of Neo Property Services Zrt. became the new president of the association, while Zsuzsa Pálfalvi, Managing Director of Graphisoft Park Services and Gábor Décsi, Managing Director of Dome Group Hungary, were elected vice presidents.

The chairmanship was expanded with Zoltán Mikó, CEO of Future FM Zrt. and Csaba Szij, the Deputy CEO of B+N Referencia Zrt.

„An even more active role in LEO is not only an honour but also a great opportunity to support developments that shape the profession of facility management. One of our important missions is to raise the prestige of the profession. As a board member, I can better represent the issues that are important to me within the industry. For example, recognising the expertise of blue-collar workers. Another important issue is sustainable facility management where innovation is inevitable. We believe that more and more facilities will use tools such as intelligent, automated systems, BIM or autonomous robots” – Csaba Szij reflected on why membership is an honour and also an important task for B+N Reference Ltd.

The expert also emphasised that the members of the organisation aim to develop industry standards that will facilitate the work of both clients and facility management companies. „We want to help customers understand how certain service packages should be managed together so that both sides understand the same thing when they talk about a general task” – Szij added.

The outgoing President, József Schmidt, Deputy CEO of Future FM Zrt., was appointed Honorary President.

ESG and BIM are on the agenda

The main objectives of the new chairmanship include promoting ESG and BIM approaches within the industry, liaising with government and international professional organisations, and promoting the facilities management sector.

Founded in 2013, the Facilities Management Association now has 23 full members and 20 associate members. The members of the organisation, which brings together the vast majority of the sector’s leading companies, are involved in the management of thousands of properties.


Photo: fmbusiness.hu – leofm



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