7 facts you probably did not know about cleaners

Order and cleanliness are far from being a natural state, in the background, there is always someone creating neat circumstances. These people are also happy when their conscientious work is noticed and appreciated. Still, for most people cleaners go unnoticed.

While we occasionally have casual talks with other workers, it’s as if cleaners were invisible: we rarely say hello to them in the elevator, or when they are emptying our bins and vacuuming around us. Whereas cleaners are essential for us to live the comfortable and safe life that we take for granted.

Unfortunately, it is generally true that many don’t appreciate or even look down on the work of the cleaner. B+N constantly works on changing this.

Nowadays it is more true than ever as their job is a matter of life and death. Just as during any other pandemic, they have worked through the coronavirus pandemic and stood their ground. They clean and disinfect hospitals, transport vehicles and office buildings so that everyone can work, travel and recover in a safe environment.

Did you know, that…

1. an office building cleaner’s daily performance in numbers looks something like this?

2. the daily walking distance of a cleaner is around 8-10 kilometres, which adds up to the Earth-Moon distance by cleaners in Hungary altogether?

3. on a daily basis, cleaners of B+N clean a distance equivalent to the Budapest-Madrid distance there and back?

4. on a daily basis, cleaners move 112 truckloads worth of weight?

5. 8 hours of cleaning is worth a marathon?

6. cleaning is the 10th lowest prestige job?

7. there are 45000 cleaners working in Hungary?


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